The Final Countdown

When I think of ‘Countdown’ I always think of Rachel Riley.

Sometime after that, I ponder the effect that a unit’s Countdown stat has on strategies.

The most obvious point is that those with a low countdown […]

Beginners Guide to Scrolls

Whilst the first choice that scrolls gives you is which faction you wish to choose, the first thing you actually need to do is how the game is played.

To win the game you must destroy […]


The most common element in games is progression, whether this is progression through an area, the players avatar, or a combination of both.
You just need to read The Hero Cycle to realise that there is […]



With a precon chosen, how often does a new ccg player have 5 scrolls in hand and no clue what to do next?

I would say pretty much 99% of the time.

The player knows that he […]